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6 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations You Won’t Need A Passport For

Who says you have to go out of the country to have an unforgettable honeymoon? You can find your dream getaway right here in the US, and you won’t have to waste time trying to fill out all the passport paperwork while you’re planning your wedding day.

Dry Tortugas Island, Florida

ONE | Dry Tortugas Islands, Florida is located about 70 miles from Key West, and its secluded beaches provide dreamy beach strolls and crystal clear waters to swim in, as well as unique activities such as a tour of Fort Jefferson. Visitors can also go birding and snorkeling around the island.

TWO | Carefree, Arizona offers exactly what the name suggests. With historic Spanish villages, endless golf courses, local farmers markets and much more, this charming town with a population of just over 3,000 offers a quiet getaway with lots of outdoor, leisurely activities for newlyweds.

THREE | For couples who want a more wintery and diverse retreat, Grand Haven, Minnesota, is the perfect honeymoon destination. With sandy beaches as well as sled racing and exquisite cuisine, Grand Haven provides a variety of activities for newlyweds. The spot offers picturesque lighthouses and fresh seafood. The possibilities in Grand Haven are endless.

FOUR | Fairbanks, Alaska gives couples a more rustic getaway that features one-of-a-kind views and tours. For the adventurous couple, go rafting at Denali National Park and hike the Alaskan wilderness. This town offers fabulous views of the Aurora Borealis during Aurora Season. Who wouldn’t want to kiss under the shimmering Aurora Borealis lights?

FIVE | Livermore, California is for the couple who wants to sample local wine at fabulous vineyards and enjoy the Californian sun. Livermore has countless wine vineyards and many beautiful hiking trails with breathtaking views without the Los Angeles crowds.

SIX | While Hawaii is a well-known honeymoon destination, Hanapepe isn’t where most people first think to visit. This town is known for its Friday art nights with local artists who perform while tourists walk the streets. It is known as “Kauai’s Biggest Little Town” by visitors, and its abundance of culture and exotic beach views make it an underrated place for honeymooners.

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