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Top Ten Reasons To Charter A Yacht For Your Honeymoon

by Sherra Meyers

MEET ULLA, owner of Amazing Charters, a seasoned yacht broker who will help you navigate your way through the process of selecting the perfect yacht for your Extreme Honeymoon.

Ulla represents hundreds of yachts from many different destinations and travels to boat shows every year to inspect yachts and meet their crews. As a member of the Charter Yacht Broker’s Association, (CYBA), Ulla has to follow a strict code of ethics. All chartered yachts operate with fixed prices and brokers operate with the same rates so they can help you find the best match for your needs and desires for this special event. A broker will handle all payments securely and in the event of any disputes be your advocate. It is the broker and crew’s mission for their clients to have an overwhelmingly memorable experience to last a lifetime. Ulla will act as the liaison between you and the owner or crew while planning, so they can focus on your comfort and you can concentrate on other things, like a wedding!

So if you’re not convinced by now, here are ten reasons why choosing a yacht for your honeymoon is a great idea:


  1. The views & romance
  2. Privacy
  3. Five star service
  4. Gourmet meals
  5. Tailor-made itineraries
  6. Unpack once & explore many different islands
  7. Unlimited activities
  8. Your crew will be your tour guide, dive instructor, hiking partner and much more
  9. Educational
  10. Relaxing and thrilling

Bonus Reason: Think of the pictures! The likes will be sailing in.

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